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An official repository for amCharts JavaScript Charts V3 (free version).

Getting support

Important! For questions regarding usage of this product, please email at

The issue tracker on GitHub is not being continuously monitored by amCharts support staff, so your questions might take longer to respond to here.


Using npm

npm install amcharts/amcharts3

Using bower

bower install amcharts3


Include amcharts.js plus files you will be using for each chart type, i.e. serial.js, pie.js:

<script src="/bower_components/amcharts3/amcharts/amcharts.js"></script>
<script src="/bower_components/amcharts3/amcharts/serial.js"></script>


This amCharts software is free under a linkware license.

This means you may not remove or hide in any other way link to amCharts web site -

If you wish to remove the link, you should purchase commercial license.

You may not redistribute, sublicense or sell this program without written permission of Antanas Marcelionis, the author of amcharts software.

This software is provided without warranty.

Commercial license

To purchase a commercial license for the current version of this library, visit amCharts Online Store

More info

Visit amCharts website for more information and documentation.

Contact us