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amCharts 5 source code

This repository is for amCharts 5 source code. For compiled options, look further down this page.

About amCharts 5

amCharts 5 is the fastest, most advanced amCharts data vizualization library, ever.

For a short overview of features, visit amCharts website.

Important notice about support

amCharts support is guaranteed for holders of amPlus subscription service. GitHub issues is not usually monitored by amCharts support staff and may not be answered. If you do have a license/subscription, you may contact us directly for support. If you don't, here are a few options for you.


For extensive documentation, including getting started tutorials, as well as class reference visit amCharts 5 documentation website.

Pre-built binaries

Compiling source code

Installing dependencies

yarn install

Building ES2015 modules

yarn build

Building script version

yarn build:script

Building geodata

yarn build:geodata


If you have a commercial amCharts 5 license, this software is covered by your license, which supersedes any other license bundled with this package.

If you don't have a commercial license, the use of this software is covered by a freeware license. Refer to included LICENSE file. The license is also available online.

Creating translations

Please refer to this tutorial.



Contact amCharts.

Found a bug?

Open an issue.


The newest, fastest, and most advanced amCharts charting library for JavaScript and TypeScript apps.






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