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⚠️ Note: Evoli is no longer actively maintained. For a more up to date example game see one of the more recently updated showcase games.


A micro-ecosystem simulation game, progressively designed and developed as an official showcase project for the Amethyst engine. The current iteration of the game (v0.2 and onwards) simulates a few different species occupying the same, limited space.

For more information about the current game design and our goals and history so far, read our introduction.



Install / Play

Make sure you have Git LFS installed when cloning the repository as most assets are stored there.

If you are compiling on Linux, you need to install some dependencies first. They are necessary to compile and run the Amethyst engine. Please follow the instructions in the Amethyst README.

Ensure you have Cargo installed (use rustup if you don't), and run the following:

cargo run

If you run into issues please report them here or on in the #showcase-game channel.


We use the same profiling library Amethyst uses. Run the game with

cargo run --release --features profiler

then exit the game without a crash to generate a file thread_profile.json. See the Amethyst instructions Profiling the engine on how to use that file.

Search the code for profile_scope for an example on how to add profiling markers to the code.

Get involved


Split license: Choose between Apache or MIT license.