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MUI 5.0-20210831

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@jens-maus jens-maus released this 31 Aug 18:55

This is release MUI-5.0-20210831 of MUI with the following bugfixes and feature changes:


🚧 Changes:

2021-08-31 Thore Böckelmann

  • String.c: OM_SET'ing MUIA_String_Secret will refresh the object according to
    the new secret mode. Setting was possible before already, but the object was
    not visually refreshed. This closes #354.

2021-07-24 Thore Böckelmann

  • List.c: eleimnated the -1 sort column number. The sort column is always kept
    as it is with an initial fallback to column 0. This closes #352.

2021-07-16 Thore Böckelmann

  • List.c: for user sortable columns the sort arrow's width is taken into
    account as well. This closes #351.
  • List.c: the sort column set during OM_NEW is applied correctly. This closes
  • List.c: changing the sort column by clicking the header or OM_SET'ing
    MUIA_List_SortColumn will now correctly apply the new column's (remembered)
    sort order. This closes #349.

2021-07-16 Thore Böckelmann

  • Listview.c: forward some more methods to the embedded List object. This refs

2021-07-15 Thore Böckelmann

  • List.c: only columns with the SORTABLE attribute will be highlighted in case
    they are the current sort column. This closes #347.

2021-07-14 Thore Böckelmann

  • List.c: setting the sort order via the list format now works for any column,
    not just for those with the SORTABLE attribute. This closes #345.

2021-07-13 Thore Böckelmann

  • List.c: fixed the unsettable sort order by a new list format once again.
    This closes #337 again.
  • List.c: the initial sorting must be done for a list with at least 2 entries
    already, not with at least 3 entries.
  • masterinit.c: the "MUI has expired" requester now lets the user choose to
    continue to use the outdated nightly build version. This closes #343.

2021-06-07 Thore Böckelmann

  • Window.c: the user configurable window frame of the root object is set only
    if the root object has no custom frame set. This closes #341.

2021-05-31 Thore Böckelmann

  • mcc/Listtree.c: set the new treenode before triggering the notification for
    MUIA_Listtree_Active. This closes #340.

2021-05-25 Thore Böckelmann

  • List.c: reverted the last change. MUIA_List_Format returns the ORDER flag
    for every sortable column again.
  • List.c: making a previously sorted column the new sort column again will
    correctly restore the former sort order.

2021-05-21 Thore Böckelmann

  • List.c: the trigger of MUIA_List_TitleClick is done after changing the sort
    column/order. This closes #338.
  • List.c: when get()'ing MUIA_List_Format the ORDER flag will be returned for
    the current sort column only.

2021-05-20 Thore Böckelmann

  • List.c: settings the current sort column twice to the same value will no
    longer toggle the sort order. If this is desired it must be done by setting
    MUIA_List_SortOrder. This closes #336.
  • List.c: settings a new list format now correctly applies the possibly new
    sort column or sort order of the new format. This closes #337.
  • List.c: the sorting arrow images are no longer taken from the external
    list_Sort.mim PNG image. Instead the user configurable up and down arrow
    images are used. This works around the problem, that the default PNG
    datatype of AmigaOS3 does not handle image transparency correctly and the
    arrows appears as black boxes. This closes #334.

2021-03-22 Thore Böckelmann

  • Menudisplay.c: fixed the wrong check for enabled menus before trying to open
    them. This closes #331.

2021-02-28 Thore Böckelmann

  • Group.c: the title label class correctly remembers and restores some
    internal layout values of the parent object during its own layout process.
    This refs #328.
  • Area.c: do a minimal relayout of the group frame title object if the group
    frame title is changed instead of a full relayout of the group. This closes
  • Slider.c: disabled the "default on double click" feature. This closes #326.

2021-02-08 Thore Böckelmann

  • mcc/Listtree.c: reworked the handling of special node values once more. This
    closes #325 again.

2021-02-06 Thore Böckelmann

  • mcc/Listtree.c: fixed an ancient bug when trying to obtain a relative node
    (i.e. previous or next) from the active or root node. The special node value
    was never converted to a real node pointer and hence caused a crash. The
    same kind of crash would have happened for MUIM_Listtree_GetNr. This closes

2021-01-06 Thore Böckelmann

  • Popobject.c: moved the calling of the remaining hooks into private methods.

2021-01-05 Thore Böckelmann

  • Area.c: fixed the MUIA_TextColor implementation.

2021-01-04 Thore Böckelmann

  • Popobject.c: moved calling the Popobject_WindowHook hook into a private
  • Image.c: MUIA_Image_Spec is OM_GET'able now.
  • List.c: implemented MUIM_List_SortEntries.

2021-01-03 Thore Böckelmann

  • List.c: made MUIM_List_EndEdit public.
  • Title.c: implemented MUIM_Title_FindPage.
  • Title.c: implemented MUIA_Title_Newable and MUIM_Title_New.

2021-01-01 Thore Böckelmann

  • Makefile: added support for git IDs instead of SVN revision numbers.

2020-12-21 Thore Böckelmann

  • dist/Install-MUI: added french translation to Installer script kindly
    provided by Alexandre Balaban.