Controller for the SoftStep foot controller
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KMI's SoftStep Foot Controller is a very nice device, but to get the full power, you need to use KMI's proprietary software.

This is an alternative to KMI's software, allowing to use the SoftStep with unsupported systems (e.g. Linux).

It already provides a few functionalities not available in KMI's software. If you have a crazy idea about what you want to do with your SoftStep, this might be the way to go.

A 10-minutes video presentation of the project is available here:

Note that the project's maturity is "works for me". I've used it with success in many gigs, but make sure to test it thoroughly before you take it with you on stage!

To make it work, you'll need

The __main__ part of shows how to use it.


Note about branches:

  • The master branch is the original project, using python/pyo to make a bridge between your SoftStep and other software.

  • The pyo branch aims to make the SoftStep easy to use from a python/pyo program. This branch does not need pygame.