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A library who make simple to work with Codeigniter and Datatable Server Side Processing.

This sample work with sqlite. In order to try it you need a basic LAMP or WAMP stack. Just copy all repository in your localhost and visit http://localhost/index.php/users (I haven't used .htaccess)

Updated on May 2016

On new version isn't required columns in config file. Dataigniter automatically (for mysql e sqlite) found column name and type directly from db. All field are extract on all queries and returned to datatable. Pre e post formatter method are now delegate to js, you can found a sample in /application/views/users/index.php

What's inside

  • /application/libraries/Dataigniter.php // obviously
  • /application/config/dataigniter.php // config files
  • /assets/js/jquery.dataTables.yadcf.js // Yet Another Datatable Column Filter
  • /application/controllers/Users.php // controller used for this sample
  • /application/views/users/index.php // the html view with little style & js
  • /assets/data/adminer.php // Adminer
  • /assets/data/sample.sqlite // the db for this sample