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<title>Zen x Programming、禅とペアプログラミングで学ぶ、はじめてのプログラミング@永平寺町</title>
<h1>Zen x Programming、禅とペアプログラミングで学ぶ、はじめてのプログラミング@永平寺町</h1>
From <a href=>Taisuke Fukuno's blog post</a>.<br><br>
Eiheiji Town's <a href=>Evolution Ambassador Amil</a> gave a Zen x Programming workshop, combining Silicon Valley Extreme Programming style and Zen.
He did at Eiheiji Town's Four Seasons Forest Cultural Center's <a href=>Sanshoukaku</a> room.<br><br>
永平寺町エボリューション大使<a href=>あみる</a>による、<a href=>Zen x Programming</a> ワークショップ。<br>
永平寺町、四季の森会館、永平寺の傘松閣を復元した「<a href=>旧傘松閣資料館</a>」が会場!<br>
<img src="" width=610 height=400><br><br>
Over 3 hours (2pm-5pm), we enjoyed a mix of programming and Zazen meditation.<br><br>
<img src="" width=610 height=389><br><br>
IT, AI, robots, seem far from humans, but actually humans made them.<br>
The best match must be the Zen x Silicon Valley style which keeps our mind and body healthy.<br><br>
<img src="" width=610 height=325><br><br>
Using two monitors, two keyboards, and one IchigoJam with two people at the same time is Silicon Valley Pair Programming style. We did a neat trick by using one IchigoJam to relay the keyboard and video signals to the other one. (<a href=>Workshop Slides PDF</a>)
1台のIchigoJamを中継用にちょっと細工します。(<a href=>ワークショップ、スライド PDF</a>)
<img src="" width=610 height=458><br>
<img src="" width=610 height=458><br>
<img src="" width=610 height=458><br>
<img src="" width=610 height=458><br>
<img src="" width=610 height=458><br>
<img src="" width=610 height=458><br><br>
The ESC key does not work on IchigoJam A because the program to transfer the keystrokes would be terminated (at which point you would have to press F5 to run it again).<br>
IchigoJam A's left and right keys toggle the character's movement with two presses, which is a bit strange, so the game should be played with IchigoJam B.<br>
We can fix it by changing the program to use INKEY instead of BTN:<br>
<p class=ichigojam>36 K=INKEY():X=X-(K=28)+(K=29)</p>
ESCキーは、IchigoJam Aでは効きません(キー転送用のプログラムが終わってしまうので、再度F5で動かそう)<br>
IchigoJam A の左右キーは2度押して戻るトグル式となってちょっと操作感が違うので、ゲームするなら B で!
<p class=ichigojam>36 K=INKEY():X=X-(K=28)+(K=29)</p>
<!--<img src="" width=610 height=458><br>
<img src="" width=610 height=302><br><br>
Having fun doing pair programming to make a game for the first time!<br><br>
<img src="" width=610 height=331><br><br>
You can also make VR to change what you see with programming! We used <a href=>Oculus Go</a> and <a href=>Smartphone MR</a> during the break time.<br><br>
VRや、視界だってプログラミングできちゃうよ!と休み時間中に <a href=>Oculus Go</a> や、<a href=>スマホMR</a>の体験会。
<img src="" width=610 height=411><br><br>
The huge Japanese style room had fantastic pictures on the ceiling!<br><br>
<img src="" width=610 height=408><br><br>
Perfect in Autumun... The Four Seasons Forest Culture Center.
- <a href=>Zen Programming</a><br>
- <a href=>Amil's Website (Evolution Ambassador / エボリューション大使) </a><br>

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