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Aug 25, 2015


Repository for Hausa NLP tools

Part of speech tagger model

hausa_model.par Version 2.0

A simple part-of-speech tagging model for Hausa in Boko orthography, for use with the freely available TreeTagger:

Portmanteau tags are used in orthographic words fusing two part of speech categories (see below).

Basic tags

  • ADJ adjective
  • ADV adverb
  • CONJ conjunction
  • EXIST existential verboid (akwai, babu)
  • FM foreign material (not Hausa)
  • FOC focus marker / copula (ne, ce)
  • FUT future marker (za)
  • INTJ interjection
  • LINK linking na or ta ('of')
  • N noun
  • NEG negation
  • NUM numeral
  • PAC person-aspect complex (e.g. ya-)
  • PDEM demonstrative
  • PIND indefinite pronoun
  • PINT interrogative
  • PPOS possessive pronoun
  • PPRS personal pronoun
  • PREL relative pronoun
  • PROG progressive person aspect complex (e.g. ina-, nake-)
  • PRP preposition
  • PTC particle
  • PUNCT punctuation
  • QUANT quantifier
  • V verb

Portmanteau tags

  • FUT_PAC fused future + PAC marker (zai, zan)
  • NEG_PAC PAC fused with negation (e.g. ban)
  • PAC_V fused PAC and verb form (e.g. yayi, spelled together)
  • PPRS_FOC fused personal pronoun + copula spelled together (shine)
  • PPRS_PROG fused personal pronoun + progressive PAC (shike)
  • PREL_PAC fused relative + PAC (daya)
  • PREL_PROG fused relative + progressive PAC (dake)
  • PROG_ADV fused progressive person aspect complex + ADV (e.g. kenan)


Repository for Hausa NLP tools




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