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Deep Geometric Texture Synthesis in PyTorch

SIGGRAPH 2020 [Paper] [Project Page]

Deep Geometric Texture Synthesis is an approach for learning the local geometric textures present within a 3D mesh model. This can be used to learn the unknown 3D geometric texture statistics from a single 3D model, and then synthesizes them on different 3D models. This repository contains the code for:

(1) creating multi-scale training data

(2) training a series of multi-scale generators

(3) synthesizing the learned geometric textures on unseen models


  • Clone this repo git clone
  • Install via conda environment conda env create -f environment.yml (creates an environment called dgts)

Jupyter Demo

We provide an End-to-End Notebook which covers the 3 steps above. Or you can run each step seperately below. To use the Jupyter demo you should additionally install: jupyter, requests, and pytorch-gpu

Training Demo

Download Example Data

First get the multi-scaled training inputs already prepared by running

bash ./scripts/train/

Running Training

The example scripts can be found in scripts/train. If using conda env first activate env e.g. conda activate dgts, then from the root directory:

bash ./scripts/train/

will train on the spikey-ball from the paper. There is also a demo script for the "sphere rail" and the lizard.

Inference Demo

Get Trained Weights & Some Demo Data

bash ./scripts/inference/

Note that if you already ran the training demo from above, this will overwrite some your training snapshots.

Unconditional & Coarse Mesh Generation

This will generate unconditional & conditioned on coarse mesh generative results (Fig. 5 from the paper):

bash ./scripts/inference/

Progressively Add Geometric Texture

This will generate a series of progressive textures. The target mesh will progressively gain textures, starting from a low-level, generator, up to a finer resolution generator. This results in a series of animated textures.

bash ./scripts/inference/

Create Training Data Demo

Download Example Data

First get some example 3D meshes with geometric texture

bash ./scripts/gt_optimization/

Running Optimization

The example scripts can be found in scripts/gt_optimization. For example, run the following from the root directory

bash ./scripts/gt_optimization/

which will generate the coronavirus from the paper.


If you find this code useful, please consider citing our paper

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  author = {Hertz, Amir and Hanocka, Rana and Giryes, Raja and Cohen-Or, Daniel},
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  doi = {10.1145/3386569.3392471},
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Questions / Issues

If you have questions or issues running this code, please open an issue.