Scrapes specified files, generating a pretty google powered map with geoip results
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Turn your log files containing IP addresses into a pretty little represantation of traffic inflow like this:

How To Use

(make sure you have python, ya know, since this runs on python)

First off, run pip install -r requirements.txt to install the external dependencies required.

Then simply run python path/to/logfile.log, this should generate a file under the web folder called data.json. Simply place the web folder in a web-accessible area and open up geoip.html or attackmap.html. You should be met with the pretty generated maps

The script also accepts input directly piped in to it, so for example if you rotate your logs you can simply do cat *log* | python or feed in multiple files like so python 1.log 2.log

The little ddos-attack style map requires the script to know your server's location, configure that in the attackmap.html page, edit the bit that says // Replace this with your own server's location