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Amnezia VPN

The best client for self-hosted VPN

[Build Status]

Amnezia is a VPN client with the key feature of deploying your own VPN server on you virtual server.


  • Very easy to use - enter your ip address, ssh login and password, and Amnezia client will automatically install VPN docker containers to your server and connect to VPN.
  • OpenVPN and OpenVPN over ShadowSocks protocols support.
  • Custom VPN routing mode support - add any sites to client to enable VPN only for them.
  • Windows and MacOS support.
  • Unsecure sharing connection profile for family use.


AmneziaVPN uses a number of open source projects to work:

Checking out the source code

Make sure to pull all submodules after checking out the repo.

git submodule update --init


Want to contribute? Welcome!

Building sources and deployment

Easiest way to build your own executables - is to fork project and configure Travis CI
Or you can build sources manually using Qt Creator. Qt >= 14.2 supported.
Look to the and build_windows.bat scripts in deploy folder for details.

How to build iOS app from source code on MacOS

  1. First, make sure you have XCode installed, at least version 12 or higher.

  2. We use qmake to generate the XCode project and then we "patch" it to add extra components such as the wireguard, the browser bridge and so on. We patch the XCode project using xcodeproj. To install it:

gem install xcodeproj # probably you want to run this command with `sudo`
  1. You also need to install go >= v1.16. If you don't have it done already, download go from the official website or use Homebrew. Latest version is recommended.

  2. Navigate inside client folder and generate the XCode project using our script:

cd client
./scripts/ ios

If you have more than one version of Qt installed, you'll most likely get a "qmake cannot be found in your $PATH" error. In this case run this script using QT\IOS_BIN env to set the path for the Qt5 macos build bin folder. For example, the path could look like this:

QT_IOS_BIN="/Users/username/Qt/5.15.2/ios/bin" ./scripts/ ios

If you get gomobile: command not found make sure to set PATH to the location of the bin folder where gomobile was installed. Usually, it's in GOPATH.

export PATH=$(PATH):/path/to/GOPATH/bin
  1. Xcode should automatically open. You can then run/test/archive/ship the app.

If build fails with the following error

make: *** 
Error 1

Add a user defined variable to both AmneziaVPN and WireGuardNetworkExtension targets' build settings with key PATH and value ${PATH}/path/to/bin/folder/with/go/executable, e.g. ${PATH}:/usr/local/go/bin.

if above error still persists on you M1 Mac, then most proably you need to install arch based cmake

arch -arm64 brew install cmake

Build might fail with "source files not found" error the first time you try it, because modern XCode build system compiles dependencies in parallel, and some dependencies end up being built after the ones that require them. In this case simply restart the build.


GPL v.3

Contacts - Telegram support channel (English) - Telegram support channel (Russian) - Signal channel - project website


Bitcoin: bc1qn9rhsffuxwnhcuuu4qzrwp4upkrq94xnh8r26u
XMR: 48spms39jt1L2L5vyw2RQW6CXD6odUd4jFu19GZcDyKKQV9U88wsJVjSbL4CfRys37jVMdoaWVPSvezCQPhHXUW5UKLqUp3 P2561305