A command line utility to control a running vlc player instance.
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amol9 Fixed launch delay issue.
When launching a new instance, added logic to handle delay.

 py2.7: tested on command line, ok.
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Lets you control a running instance of vlc player, start a new instance, get track information, etc.

Supported platforms

  • python 2.7 / 3.4
  • Linux


  • Controls vlc player over dbus.
  • Play, pause, shuffle, toggle, prev, next, stop commands.
  • Play all files in a directory (recursively added).
  • Add files / directories based on inclusion and exclusion patterns.
  • Change volume / fade volume.
  • Print current track info.
  • Quit vlc.
  • Quit based on return code of another command.
  • Can be used as a cron job.


  • vlc player, of course.

  • python-dbus or python3-dbus

    On Ubuntu: >apt-get install python-dbus or >apt-get install python3-dbus


  • Pause:

    vlc-ctrl pause
  • Play a directory:

    vlc-ctrl play -p /home/user/music
  • Increase volume 10%:

    vlc-ctrl volume +10%
    vlc-ctrl volume +0.1
  • Quit when return code of "command" is 0, retrying the command at most 5 times at 30s intervals and fade out in 10s:

    vlc-ctrl quit -c command -r 5,30 -f 10
  • Get info on currently playing track:

    vlc-ctrl info
  • For more commands, see:

    vlc-ctrl -h