Applies dynamic classes to your BODY tag.
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This plugin will apply several dynamic classes to your <body> tag. Use it like so in your template:


That's it. You'll now get a classed-up <body> tag using URI segments, the current member group, type of archive page (category, paged, or monthly), browser and platform.


For example, if the current URI was:

Your <body> tag would look like this:

<body class="magazine articles politics category paged P20 superadmin safari mac">

(In this case, you'd be logged-in as a SuperAdmin, your category keyword would be "c", and you'd be browsing on a Mac using Safari.)

Member groups 1 through 5 will be classed using their group names (superadmin, banned, guest, pending, member), whereas custom member groups will be classed "groupid_N" (N being the member group ID).

Numeric URI segments (for example, when calling an entry via its entry_id) will be prepended with the letter "n", i.e.

Would yield:

<body class="magazine articles n246 groupid_7 firefox win">

Lastly, if there are no URI segments to be found, your <body> will get the class of "home".

If you'd like to retreive only the class names, but not the class="" attribute itelf, simply add attr="false" as a parameter:

{exp:classee_body attr="false"}

You can also disable the addition of certain kinds of classes by using a pipe-delimited list within the "disable" parameter:

{exp:classee_body disable="paged|category|monthly"}

Valid values for the "disable" parameter are "segments", "paged", "category", "monthly", "member_group", "browser" and "platform".


This version of ClassEE Body is compatible with ExpressionEngine 1.6+, 2.0+ and 3.0+.