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This repository contains a small Flask app that acts as a Webhook. When this app receives a HTTP POST it will deserialize the form data and convert it into a Splunk Storm log event.

This app also supports receiving POSTs from the Cloudkick Changelog Tool 'ckl' via the /ckl/ endpoint.


  1. A Splunk Storm Account.
  2. A Python operating environment.
  3. A server on which to host this app.
  • Possible servers are local, Heroku, App Engine, et al.


On Heroku

To use this app on Heroku:

  1. Retrieve your Splunk Storm Access Token and Project ID.

  2. Install & Configure the Heroku Toolbelt.

  3. From within this directory create a Heroku app:

     heroku create --stack cedar
  4. Set your Splunk Storm Access Token and Project ID as Heroku Config Variables:

     heroku config:add SPLUNKSTORM_ACCESS_TOKEN=xxx
     heroku config:add SPLUNKSTORM_PROJECT_ID=yyy
  5. Optional Set a secret key for use with ckl clients:

     heroku config:add CKL_SECRET_KEY=zzz
  6. Push this app to Heroku's git repository:

     git push heroku master
  7. Your app will now be accessible to HTTP POST requests!


With ckl client

  1. Set ckl's cloudkick.conf configuration to use this endpoint:

     ckl_endpoint https://hot-dogs-123.herokuapp.com/ckl
     secret my-secret
  2. ckl away:

     ckl -m 'this is a test message'
     ckl -sm 'this is a script recording session'

With Github

  1. Add a WebHook URL to a projects Service Hooks: https://hot-dogs-123.herokuapp.com/

Service Hook Screenshot


To test and ensure this app is functioning properly you can try variations of the following curl commands (given that your app is hot-dogs-123.herokuapp.com):

curl -d '{"test_data": "this is test json data"}' http://hot-dogs-123.herokuapp.com/

Should return: {"length": 39}

Your event should be viewable from the 'Explore Data' search: 'Explore Data' search results


Greg Albrecht gba@splunk.com

Website: http://ampledata.org/


Apache License 2.0.


Copyright 2012 Splunk, Inc.

ckl endpoint derived from Cloudkick's webapp.py. Copyright 2012 Cloudkick, Inc.


Splunk Storm Webhook 2.0.0