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@kienstra kienstra released this
· 329 commits to 1.0 since this release
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See unreleased 1.0 changelog and the in-progress milestone. See also pull requests merged and the commits since 1.0-beta4.

See also 1.0-RC1-built tag which facilitates installation of plugin build via submodule, Composer, etc.

See the AMP Plugin Release v1.0-RC1 blog post for more details.

  • Re-use styling for unmoderated comments to apply to new accepted/rejected validation errors. See #1458. Props westonruter.
  • Fix detection for whether AMP is available to allow new accepted errors. See #1485. Props westonruter.
  • Fix generation of validation error when element has multiple invalid attributes. See #1461. Props westonruter.
  • Rename AMP Invalid URLs to AMP Validated URLs. See #1487. Props westonruter.
  • Prevent empty term status from being interpreted as new-rejected during bulk change. See #1460. Props westonruter.
  • Add new status icons. See #1471. Props jacobschweitzer.
  • Ensure font stylesheets are requested in CORS mode in both AMP and non-AMP documents. See #1486. Props westonruter.
  • Improve styling of Compatibility Tool pages. See #1462. Props kienstra.
  • Discontinue using ‘latest’ version of component scripts. See #1464. Props westonruter.
  • Fix title display of Invalid URL page. See #1463. Props amedina.
  • Add native/paired/classic mode to AMP generator meta. See #1465. Props westonruter.
  • Fix incorrect attribution of theme as source for content validation errors. See #1467. Props westonruter.
  • Fix conversion of video to amp-video. See #1477. Props westonruter.
  • Add new icon, text, and style to splash notice. See #1470. Props jacobschweitzer.
  • Update spec from revision 720 to 734. See #1475. Props kienstra.
  • Fix tooltip position. See #1472. Props jacobschweitzer.