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Single Page Ads

A single page ad allows an ad creative to appear as a full page, dynamically interleaved, within the pages of an AMP story. For more information about AMP stories, see here.

Adding a Single Page Ad to Your Story

Single page ads are similar to regular DoubleClick ads, but must be tagged as script elements within an <amp-story-auto-ads> element as follows:

  <script type="application/json">
      "ad-attributes": {
        "type": "doubleclick",
        "data-slot": "/30497360/a4a/amp_story_dfp_example"

You cannot use an <amp-ad> element to display a single page ad within a story.

Single Page Ad Creatives

Single page ad creatives must contain two meta tags: one to specify the call-to-action enum, and one to specify the outlink URL. E.g.,

<meta name="amp-cta-url" content="">
<meta name="amp-cta-type" content="EXPLORE">

A third meta tag should also be included to indicate the landing page type

<meta name="amp-cta-landing-page-type" content="NONAMP">

See the above link for allowed call-to-action buttons. By design, these will be the only clickable elements of the creative unit. This means that while things like AMP carousels are allowed within a single page story ad, they will not be clickable.


You can find a fully working example hosted on

DoubleClick trafficking instructions can be found in the DFP Help Center.

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