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Variables supported in amp-analytics

Use the format ${varName} in a request string for a page or platform-defined variable. The amp-analytics tag will replace the template with its actual value at the time of construction of the analytics request.

Since the request that is constructed is sent over HTTP, the request needs to be encoded. To achieve this, the var values are url-encoded using encodeUrlComponent before being inserted into the request.

Variable definitions

Vars can be defined by the platform, in the config at the top level, inside the triggers or in a remote config, as shown in this example.

<amp-analytics config="">
<script type="application/json">
  "requests": {
    "pageview": "${canonicalUrl}&title=${title}&acct=${account}&clientId=${clientId(cid-scope)}",
  "vars": {
    "account": "ABC123",
    "title": "Homepage"
  "triggers": {
    "some-event": {
      "on": "visible",
      "request": "pageview",
      "vars": {
        "title": "My homepage",
        "clientId": "my user"

Variables as data attribute

For the following event types, variables can be passed as part of the element level data attribute

  • visible
  • click

The variables passed as data attributes should follow the format data-vars-*.


<span id="test1" class="box" data-vars-event-id="22"> Click here to generate an event </span>

And in the request url the token would be of the format ${eventId} (follows camelcase).

When the same var is defined in multiple locations, the value is picked in the order remote config > element level data attributes > triggers > top level > platform. Thus, if the remote config defined clientId as 12332312 in the example above, the values of various vars will be as follows:

var Value Defined by
canonicalUrl Platform
title My homepage Trigger
account ABC123 Top level config
clientId 12332312 Remote config


For a list of variables supported in amp-analytics, see Variable Substitutions.