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RPM packages for MISP
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Installing MISP on Red Hat / CentOS base systems is a bit difficult, as they provide either older versions like PHP (e.g. 5.6), or the newer versions are installed into different paths on the systems.

We know, with our RPMs we break a number of rules for Red Hat based systems, but on the same time they simplify the process of getting MISP running on RHEL systems. From our tests we got very good results to operate MISP on RHEL servers without any big issues. So if you can profit from our work, please feel free to do so!


The idea is to install minimal CentOS or Red Hat system and enable the provided repository on it. Combining MISP with other PHP applications might work, but was not the intention for this project. The intended setup is to just use MISP on this server.


We provide the following components as RPMs

  • php 7.2.x
  • python 3.6.x
  • pymisp
  • misp-modules
  • all needed sub-modules
  • mariadb 10.1.x (will be installed from external mariadb repository)

With our RPMs there's no need to use git to install MISP and you don't need a to install from All you is to be able to include our repository on your systems. MariaDB will be installed from the official mariadb repository.

Installing MISP

Use the installation instructions to install MISP from our repository

Building MISP

Normally you shouldn't build them by yourself, we did it already for you. But if you want, you can use the SPEC files to compile the packages for yoursel. Use the building instructions to get the correct order.

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