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PDA Hackathon Entry: Platform that enables sharing of customized collection and user selected method of data visualization
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Bubble Wrap: Platform that creates shareable collections from an individual's email corpus.


Entry for the Personal Digital Archiving (PDA) 2017 Hackathon.

Our project was inspired by the experience of one of our team members, Katherine Martinez (@papermartine), while researching email archiving practices at two NYC cultural institutions. In her work, she identified the need for a tool that would structure email into flexible, shareable collections to connect histories of projects as individuals transition in and out of roles related to a social or professional network.

Bubble Wrap offers producers multiple ways to view their the email content to facilitate the creation of collections. Users then have the option to share these collections with colleagues, researchers, archivists, or personal contacts.


  • ProtoIO for interactive prototype
  • SVG and Vanilla JS for front-end
  • D3 for data visualzation
  • Python for extraction of entities
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