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ED64 Tools


This repository contains essential tools to be used with everdrive64 (v3 and x7) and libdragon. Libdragon is not a requirement as long as your ROM supports the UNFLoader protocol. Tested to be working with OS v3.05 on an everdrive64 v3. Should also work on an X7.


Use this to upload your z64 images to ED64. Make sure you have node.js (>= 14) and install globally;

npm install -g ed64

Or you can grab the pre-built executable from the releases and put it somewhere on your PATH if you are on Windows. Then you won't need node.js on you machine.

Then invoke the loader;

loader64 <rom file> [flags]

You can start listening for UNFLoader style text messages and pipe them to the stdout after boot by providing --keep-alive.

loader64 <rom file> --keep-alive

ED64 example

In the ./src folder you can find a N64 program. To be able to use it;

  • Make sure you have node.js (>= 14) and docker (>= 18) installed on your machine.
  • Install vscode.
  • Run npm install on this repository's root.
  • libdragon toolchain will be installed automatically as a docker container on your computer.
  • Connect your Everdrive64 via USB and turn on your N64.
  • Open this folder with vscode and hit F5.
  • Voila! You have an executable with print debugging.

When using libdragon all standard error will go serial over USB.

Creating a new project

Create a new NPM project;

npm init

install libdragon and ed64;

npm i libdragon --save
npm i ed64 --save

Add following to your NPM scripts;

"prepare": "libdragon init"

This will install and initialize libdragon when you do npm i for your repository. Keep in mind that your vendored libdragon copy will need initialization. e.g git submodule update --init if you are using it as a submodule.

To update libdragon, run;

npm i libdragon@latest --save
npm i

The second npm i will actually initialize the container if necessary, thanks to the prepare script.

To invoke the locally installed loader;

npx loader64 <rom file> [flags]


  • Implement ROM loader.
  • Implement UNFloader protocol on js and use UNFloader as the usblib thus adding extended cartridge support.
  • Start using semantic release.
  • Start using typescript via jsdoc comments.
  • Add screen capture & dump functionality.
  • Add a GDB stub for real-time debugging & hot replacement.
  • Implement direct SD card access via libdragon filesystem API.
  • Implement a debugger for debugging the RSP.


You can run npm run format to automatically check and fix javascript code style and npm run lint to fix linter error that are auto fixable.

To invoke the local version do;

npx loader64 <rom file> [flags]


If this tool helped you, consider supporting its development by sponsoring it!