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A Task-based LINQ designed to work with async/await
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In a world where many methods return Task<T> or other Awaitable types (especially in WinRT), LINQ can't be used nearly as easily. Enter LinqToAwait:

using System;
using System.Reactive.Linq;
using LinqToAwait;

var inputs = new[] { 

IEnumerable<string> results = await inputs.AsAsync()
    .WhereAsync(async x => await IsPageInTop10WebSitesByTrafficAsync(x))
    .SelectAsync(async x => await DownloadPageAsync(x))
    .Select(x => x.Substring(0, 50))

>>> ["<html>...."]

Where does this work?

You're going to need Visual Studio 2012 - you can use LinqToAwait with .NET 4.5 applications.

Hey, isn't this kind of like Rx?

It is Rx! However, it is a simplification of the API used for a more specific use-case. Instead of choosing async/await or Rx, LinqToAwait helps you use both at the same time, applying the most straightforward technique for the particular problem.

How do I get started?

It's .NET, how else? Use NuGet!.

Install-Package LinqToAwait
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