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A set of scripts to build Xamarin Component Store shim packages
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Xamarin Component Store Shim Package Builder

This repo automates building of NuGet packages that automate the creation of packages that "wrap" Xamarin Store components. When a project adds one of these packages, the end result is as if they went to the Components folder and added the referenced Component.

This allows NuGet packages to depend on Xamarin components (most notably, the Google Support Library), without actually repackaging these components into NuGet packages.

YOU SHOULD PROBABLY NOT USE THESE (unless you're a library author)

If you're writing an App, you should ignore these packages, and just directly add the Component to your app. This is for library authors who depend on Xamarin Components in a NuGet package.

How does it work?

vim package.list   ### Edit list of packages to generate
open ./target
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