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C++ Library for Fire Eagle

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This is the open-source C++ API library for Yahoo! Fire Eagle

Right now, this is pretty much a work in progress. If you think you can manage
with that, you are most welcome to use it,as per the copyrights mentioned in
the headers. Do let me know if you find this useful.

To compile and link, you would need:
1. liboauth from
2. expat (and expat-devel)
3. curl (and curl-devel)

Please report bugs to

The details below should mostly work on all *nix systems. I have only tested
on Fedora Core 9 and RHEL 4 using curl-devel 7.18.1, expat-devel 2.0.1 and
liboauth 0.4.5.

Do not ask me about Windows or other systems right now. If you can get it to
work on one, please let me know the changes, I will be happy to merge it in
(with proper acknowledgements and disclaimers of course :) )

Assuming that the above dependencies are installed in the standard places where
the default compilation process can find the headers and the libraries. The
toplevel Makefile provided should build fine with most GNU toolchains, so just
run a 'make' from the command line. Provision for 'make clean' exists.

After the make, the should be in the src/ directory.

After the build, assuming that you have doxygen installed, the class
documentation should be available in doc/html

There is a Makeile in the test directory. This builds test/deskapp. Please
run test/deskapp --help to see different options.  I have also added a
test/ (TBD: Document the usage) that you should be able to run
directly as:
'$ export FE_TEST_APP_TOKEN=<your token file>; test/ phase[1-4]'

Run 'sudo make install'. This should make the files appear in /usr/local/include
/usr/local/lib and /usr/share/doc

This section is for major changes visible to the users...

Version 1.1.0:
- Added support for OAuth 1.0 Rev A as per the draft
- Added support for passing OAuth parameters through 'Authorization' headers during the request token and access token transactions.
- Set the default protocol to Oauth 1.0 Rev A.
- Known bug: Passing OAuth callback through oauth_callback with URL parameters do not work. The callback is not registered with the params.

Version 1.2.0
- Changed dependency on liboauth. This version works only with liboauth version 0.5.1
- Fixed bug for passing OAuth callback through oauth_callback with URL parameters.

Have fun.
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