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morji is a simple flashcard program for the terminal. It uses a modified version of the SM2 algorithm taking inspiration from mnemosyne and anki.

Here is a list of its main features:

  • one-sided, two-sided, and cloze deletion card types
  • Use tags to organize cards by themes and choose material to review or learn
  • Use your preferred text editor to edit cards
  • Simple semantic text markup using colors
  • Simple statistics
  • Find facts to edit with a pattern
  • Importing multiple cards from text file
  • Storage in an SQLite3 database with simple schema

The program, its customization and card syntax creation are explained in the (short) manpages morji(1), morji_config(5) and morji_facts(5). Man pages are available in html form too in the morji website.

The chronocram program is a complementary flashcard Tk program for easier initial memorization of simple cards using several spaced repetitions on the same session.


You just need Tcl (version 8.6.*), tcllib, and sqlite3 bindings for Tcl (often already included).

Then issue the command:

make install PREFIX=/usr/local/

You can change /usr/local to any other location: just ensure that $PREFIX/bin is on your $PATH.

The morji command should now be available.

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