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Modular Dashboard for Django projects.
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Django Bigbrother

Django Bigbrother is a modular dashboard app for Django projects.



  1. pip install django-bigbrother

  2. Add bigbrother to your INSTALLED_APPS

  3. Run python syncdb

  4. Include bigbrother.urls in your top level urls:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        # ...
        url(r'^bigbrother/', include('bigbrother.urls'))
  5. To update statistics you can either call update_modules() in bigbrother.core or using the update_bigbrother management command.


Bigbrother ships with a few modules. If you want to remove a or add a module, use the BIGBROTHER_MODULES setting:

        # Default Modules:

        # Modules not enabled by default:
        # 'bigbrother.core.SwapUsage',

You can also choose what graphs are shown in bigbrother. This is configurable at project-level and module level. To add or remove a graph at project-level, use the BIGBROTHER_GRAPHSsettings:

        # Default Graphs

If you would like to restrict access to admins only, use the BIGBROTHER_REQUIRE_ADMIN settings.

    # Restrict access to admins only.

Extending Bigbrother

Bigbrother is built to be easy to extend with your custom modules. A Bigbrother-module is subclass of bigbrother.core.BigBrotherModule, with a "get_val"-method returning the stat you are monitoring, and the value of it. Custom modules can live anywhere in your app, just put the full path to it in BIGBROTHER_MODULES.

Example module returning number of total users for your site:

from bigbrother.core import BigBrotherModule
class UserCount(BigBrotherModule):
    name = 'Total Users'

    def get_val(self):
        from django.contrib.auth.models import User
        users = User.objects.all()
        return users.count()

The BigBrotherModule Class have the following functions/attributes:

name: A string representing the name of the module. Defaults to 'Unamed Module'

check_compatible: A function returning a boolean indicating that the module's dependencies have been met so it can execute.

write_to_db: Boolean, set to False if you don't want to save stats from this module to the database. Defaults to True

prefix_text: Text to be prefixed onto the display version of the module's value

suffix_text: Text to be suffixed onto the display version of the module's value

warning_low: Integer or float. Warn bigbrother if the value is equal or less than this value. Set this to None (the default) to disable.

warning_high: Integer or float. Warn bigbrother if the value is equal or higher than this value. Set to None (the default) to disable.

link_url: Use this to link directly to an external URL from the dashboard.

aggregate_function: The Django ORM aggregation object to be used for aggregating the data for graph data.

graphs: A tuple of bigbrother.graphs.Graph subclasses that bigbrother will use to draw graphs. Defaults to the value of the BIGBROTHER_GRAPHS setting.

group String that lets you specify a group to group modules by.


This is how it looks. (With 2 custom modules).

Screenshot Screenshot

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