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Latest commit e9e59a6 Jul 24, 2016 Andreas Koenig Merge branch 'PR/228'
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apache-conf disabling 443 with BenSSl is not as straightforward as expected Jan 5, 2013
apache-perl some preparatrions for 5.8; some consistency with asciiname. Feb 19, 2003
apache-svn-conf changing the AuthName and will remove the htpasswd file too Dec 10, 2008
bin Add sha1 checksums along side md5 checksums. Apr 23, 2016
corpus Add failing tests for new permissions behaviour. Jun 7, 2016
cron Start a new crontab in /etc/cron.d to replace the "crontab -e" style Apr 22, 2016
doc Add Perl6 distinction upfront (insertion into uris table). Sep 7, 2015
etc Outcomment the munin section, it is not meant to be public all the time Apr 29, 2016
ftpd/messages mv proftpd.conf to where it belongs Jul 25, 2003
htdocs replace obsolete email address with May 10, 2016
lib don't index packages seen in example and demo directories Jul 21, 2016
mirror introduce FindBin; remove unused variable $Id Jan 3, 2013
one-off-utils Requested by Neil for asterisk::perl on 21 Jul Jul 24, 2016
privatelib some tests require ./privatelib to exist Apr 14, 2013
svn pulling in trival stuff for the organization of the repositories Sep 27, 2006
t Codified the actual behaviour of the permissions in the tests. Jun 7, 2016
.travis.yml First stab at a travis job Apr 24, 2016
MANIFEST introduce FindBin; remove unused variable $Id Jan 3, 2013
Makefile.PL Remove Test::Perl::Critic as a dep at andk's request Apr 24, 2016
app.psgi make /incoming and /pub/PAUSE pretty using Plack::App::Directory::Apaxy Apr 23, 2016