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Andreas Koenig authored
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apache-conf disabling 443 with BenSSl is not as straightforward as expected
apache-perl some preparatrions for 5.8; some consistency with asciiname.
apache-svn-conf changing the AuthName and will remove the htpasswd file too
bin Remove Perl6 distinction from the daemon because it needs to be done …
corpus add mldistwatch test for Perl 6 indexing
cron control warnings with pragma, not $^W
doc Add Perl6 distinction upfront (insertion into uris table).
etc #176 (retry): bump innodb_lock_wait_timeout from the default (50) to 150
ftpd/messages mv proftpd.conf to where it belongs
htdocs #174: mention the automatic emails after an upload
lib Account for $/ being "" around these parts.
mirror introduce FindBin; remove unused variable $Id
one-off-utils adding more stuff for doing bulk re-import
svn pulling in trival stuff for the organization of the repositories
t ensure that TestPAUSE always uses test email transport
Makefile.PL add Crypt::Eksblowfish::Bcrypt to prereqs
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