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apache-conf disabling 443 with BenSSl is not as straightforward as expected Jan 5, 2013
apache-perl some preparatrions for 5.8; some consistency with asciiname. Feb 19, 2003
apache-svn-conf changing the AuthName and will remove the htpasswd file too Dec 10, 2008
bin Welcome mail to perl6 code should not promise cpan testers results Aug 15, 2018
corpus Added an test to check that with comaint we can upload the module. May 12, 2017
cron Github #244: old checksums files did not get updated Jun 17, 2017
doc fix privacy policy typo May 26, 2018
etc VHOSTS for pause2 also for port 80 Apr 21, 2018
htdocs remove href link to "git://..." Aug 16, 2018
mirror introduce FindBin; remove unused variable $Id Jan 3, 2013
one-off-utils eight more deletions of PABLROD permissions May 16, 2018
privatelib some tests require ./privatelib to exist Apr 14, 2013
svn pulling in trival stuff for the organization of the repositories Sep 27, 2006
t Improve mldistwatch error handling Apr 22, 2018
.gitignore Add privatelib (and cover_db) to .gitignore so that important informa… Apr 19, 2018
.travis.yml Remove mysql 5.7 stuff from .travis.yml Apr 20, 2018
MANIFEST introduce FindBin; remove unused variable $Id Jan 3, 2013
Makefile.PL Add Moo to Makefile.PL Apr 22, 2018
app.psgi Remove left-over line on Static configuration Apr 20, 2018