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Shell C Assembly
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  What does this do?

  This program will automatically build and install a compiler and other
  tools used in the creation of homebrew software for the Sony Playstation 3
  videogame system.

  How do I use it?

 1) Set up your environment by installing the following software:

  autoconf, automake, bison, flex, gcc, libelf, make, makeinfo,
  ncurses, patch, python, subversion, wget, zlib

 2) Add the following to your login script:

  export PS3DEV=/usr/local/ps3dev
  export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/bin
  export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/host/ppu/bin
  export PATH=$PATH:$PS3DEV/host/spu/bin

  export PSL1GHT=$PS3DEV/psl1ght
  export PATH=$PATH:$PSL1GHT/host/bin

 3) Run the toolchain script:

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