Kernel for Prestigio PMP5785C_Quad & other yftech
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My fork oriented for Prestigio PMP5785C_Quad.

Based on tizbac/mediacomMP82S4 work to compile a working linux kernel for various chinese rebranded tablets, like Mediacom Smartpad S4 8.0, Prestigio PMP5785c and Yarvik Noble 7.85".

To compile:

Fetch Google's ARM Toolchain git clone

Put the correct path to the toolchain in

Run ./ (based on yftech method)

use not compressed Image like in fw.

I tested it, ok.

About linux on this tablet:

Prestigio PMP5785C_Quad Specs:

  • PCB: yftech mp81 board
  • Display Interface Controller ssd2828 MIPI Master Bridge Chip
  • Touchcontroller: Goodix gt9xx (IC VERSION:9110_1050)
  • Wifi/BT: RTL8723AU
  • Sensor: MMA8452 (accelerometer)
  • Keypad: Power = 116, Vol+ = 115, Vol- = 114
  • Cams: OV5640 rear
  • HDMI: rk616
  • Audio: rk616
  • Clock: HYM8563
  • Akku capacity: 4700 mAh (cw2015 driver v1.0)

this specs I get by analyze kmsg log