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Scala way to work with Typesafe Config
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ScalaConfig is a lightweight wrapper over Typesafe Config library provides scala friendly access. It is implemented with type classes pattern and use shapeless for reading case classes.

Current documentation is a actual for 0.4 version.

ScalaConfig adds additional metods:

  • as[A](path) - return Either[Seq[Throwable], A] by path in config object
  • as[A] - convert config object to Either[Seq[Throwable], A]
  • asUnsafe[A](path) - return value of type A by path in config object. On fail a first exception will thrown.
  • asUnsafe[A] - convert config object to value of type A. On fail a first exception will thrown.

Supported types

  • Primitive (Int, Long, Float, Double, Boolean)
  • String, Symbol
  • Typesafe Config and ConfigValue
  • FiniteDuration
  • Properties
  • Collections (List[A], Set[A], Map[String, A], Map[String, AnyRef], Array[A], etc. All types with a CanBuildFrom instance are supported)
  • Option[A]
  • Case classes


import com.github.andr83.scalaconfig._

val config: Config = ConfigFactory.load()

val host   = config.asUnsafe[String]("host")
val port   = config.asUnsafe[Int]("port")
val path   = config.asUnsafe[Option[String]]("path")
val users  = config.asUnsafe[List[String]]("access.users")

case class DbConfig(host: String, port: Int, user: Option[String] = None, passwd: Option[String] = None)

val dbConfig: Reader.Result[DbConfig]               =[DbConfig]("db")
val dbConfig2: Reader.Result[DbConfig]              =[DbConfig] // Direct `config` mapping to case class
val dbConfig3: Reader.Result[Map[String, String]]   =[Map[String, String]]
val dbConfig3: Reader.Result[Map[String, AnyRef]]]  =[Map[String, AnyRef]]

// Custom reader 
class User(name: String, password: String)

implicit def userReader: Reader[User] = Reader.pure((config: Config, path: String) => {
    val userConfig = config.getConfig(path)
    new User(
      user = userConfig.asUnsafe[String]("name"),
      password = userConfig.asUnsafe[String]("password")

// OR
implicit def userReader: Reader[User] = Reader.pureV((config: Config, path: String) => {
    val userConfig = config.getConfig(path)
    val userE =[String]("name")
    val passwordE =[String]("password")
    // with Cats or Scalaz it can be of course more elegant!
    (userE, passwordE)  match {
      case (Right(user), Right(password)) => Right(new User(user, password))
      case ( Left(errors1), Left(errors2)) => Left(errors1 ++ errors2)
      case (Left(errors), _) => Left(errors)
      case (_, Left(errors)) => Left(errors)

Implementation details


Latest release.

// for >= Scala 2.10.6, 2.11.x, 2.12.x
libraryDependencies += "com.github.andr83" %% "scalaconfig" % "0.4"

Develop branch.

resolvers += Resolver.sonatypeRepo("snapshots")

// for >= Scala 2.10.6, 2.11.x, 2.12.x
libraryDependencies += "com.github.andr83" %% "scalaconfig" % "0.5-SNAPSHOT"


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2016 Andrei Tupitcyn

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