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jQuery A+

A jQuery plugin to improve HTML <A> tag.

It is an unobtrusive script that adds useful features to 'A' tags allowing webpages to maintain compatibility with HTML standards. The script syntax is compatible with all HTML / XHTML standards.

For example, you can open link in a new window/tab (like target="_blank") without invalidating the HTML code.

Is JavaScript disabled? No problem, the links will continue to work in the traditional way!



0.8.4 (2014-09-04)

  • Fix: class confirm in conjunction with other classes may not work properly

0.8.3 (2014-07-08)

  • Fix: the method HideTitle doesn't hide the title attribute correctly

0.8.2 (2014-06-30)

  • Fix: error on ajax request when ajax-to param is empty
  • Add: event ajaxComplete.aplus
  • Add: event ajaxError.aplus
  • Add: event ajaxMismatch.aplus

0.8.1 (2014-06-26)

  • Fix: attribute title is not hidden in the tags loaded via ajax

0.8.0 (2014-06-24)

  • Improved loading script up to 2x
  • A+ works now for tags loaded via ajax
  • Added control to avoid multiple clicks while loading the popup (class win)
  • Add: event ajaxToComplete.aplus
  • Add: option win.check

0.7.1 (2014-03-12)

  • Add Package Manifest for JQuery Plugin Registry
  • Removed unused option

0.7.0 (2014-03-11)

  • Add: class ajax
  • Add: class ajax-to-value
  • Add: class ajax-from-value
  • Fix: win class (don't assign correct name)
  • Fix: win-center class (The pop-up window was not centered correctly if the browser was not in fullscreen mode)
  • Remove: class before-value
  • Make JSHint friendly
  • Add AMD support

0.6.0 (2013-02-01)

  • Add: dialog options
  • Add: class win-fullscreen
  • Mod: no unbind('click') required to recall jAplus() on same objects
  • Mod: optimize code

0.5.1 (2012-12-03)

  • Fix: A tag without href generates a script error

0.5.0 (2012-10-16)

  • Mod: improved performance
  • Add: class self
  • Add: class notify
  • Add: class notify-life
  • Add: class notify-type
  • Add: option
  • Add: option notify.type

0.4.2 (2012-09-21)

  • Fix: classes 'confirm blank' in conjuction with customType option don't work

0.4.1 (2012-08-10)

  • Fix: dialog class don't works

0.4.0 (2012-07-31)

  • Add: support for the prefixes
  • Add: class disabled
  • Add: class print
  • Add: class scroll
  • Add: option disabledMsg
  • Add: option scroll.speed
  • Add: option scroll.offsetY

0.3.0 (2012-07-06)

  • Add: class before-functionName
  • Add: class confirm-mask-element_id
  • Add: class dialog
  • Add: class dialog-ajax
  • Add: class dialog-full
  • Add: class dialog-modal
  • Add: class dialog-w-value
  • Add: class dialog-h-value
  • Add: class dialog-l-value
  • Add: class dialog-t-value
  • Add: class dialog-option-value
  • Add: support for the title attribute in conjuction with class dialog
  • Add: support to percent values for win-width- and win-height- classes
  • Add: mask support

0.2.0 (2012-06-08)

  • Add: support for the title attribute in conjuction with class confirm
  • Add: class win-center
  • Add: class win-fullpage
  • Add: class win-width-value
  • Add: class win-height-value
  • Add: class win-top-value
  • Add: class win-left-value
  • Add: class win-scrollbars
  • Add: class win-toolbar
  • Add: class before-value
  • Add: option confirmType
  • Mod: rename class popup -> win

0.1.0 (2012-06-05) First version


jQuery A+ is a plugin to improve the HTML <A> tag






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