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Qrop is a crop planning and recordkeeping free software designed by market gardeners, for market gardeners, with the help of the wonderful French coop L'Atelier paysan.

Qrop is available on GNU/Linux, Windows. It does compile on Mac and Android, but has not been tested on these operating systems.

Warning: this is alpha software with known bugs. It runs, and work at least some of the times, but use at your own risk.

Screenshot of Qrop


Plan your season

Define your crop plan: plantings, crop, varieties, bed lengths, spacings, expected yields... Autogenerate sowing and planting tasks and get seed quantities, flats to start. Visualize each season of your plan. Easily create, duplicate, delete, batch-edit, sort and filter successions.

Keep track of your tasks

Get a week-to-week list of your tasks: sowing, planting, weeding, pruning, irrigating... Quickly filter overdue, due and done tasks. Track your labor cost by task.

Manage your field map and crop rotations

Define your crop map: drag n' drop your plantings on your crop map. Get the crop history of every single bed to ensure good rotations.

Take notes and photos

Write notes, take photos and link them to your plantings. In a near future, it will also be possible to take notes for tasks and locations.

Track your harvests and crop yields

Keep track of each harvest and get real-time crop yields (planned).

Seeds and transplants list

Qrop autogenerates a list of the seeds and transplants to buy based on your crop plan.

Planned features

  • Charts and analytics

🚀 Getting started

GNU/Linux (AppImage)

Download the latest version at Then open a console in the right folder and type:

chmod u+x Qrop-x86_64.AppImage

to launch the AppImage. It has been tested with Ubuntu 16.04 and Fedora 29, but may not work on other distributions or versions.

We only provide AppImages for now, but if you can, feel free to package it for your favorite distro!


Download the right Zip file for you architecture:

Unzip it, open the folder and click on "desktop" to launch the application.

There is no installer yet, but this will be provided as soon as possible.


Qrop does compile on OS X, but has not been tested yet. Please contact us if you own a Mac and would like to try Qrop!


Qrop should compile and run on Android, but we haven't tested it yet. The user interface should be usable on tablets, but do not expect to run it on smartphone. If you would like to use Qrop on smartphone and you are willing to help us design a nice user interface, please contact us!

📖 Documentation

See the user manual on the wiki (only available in French for now).

🙌 Contributing

Please read the contribution guide for details of our code of conduct, and the process for submitting bug reports and merge requests to us.



Built With


This project is Free Software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. See LICENSE for more details.

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