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is a CLI for Jira's REST API in Node.


Install globally npm install -g jirest or locally by setting the PATH export PATH=./node_modules/bin;$PATH and npm install jirest.

mkdir ~/.jirest
cp .jirest/config.sample.json ~/.jirest/config.json
nano ~/.jirest/config.json

Try it out with jirest [someproject]-[someticketnumber].

If you want a different layout, cp .jirest/*.tpl ~/.jirest/, and extend ~/.jirest/config.json to look like below, and start playing with the templates in eco.

    "tpl": {
        "issue": "~/.jirest/issue.tpl"


  • OAuth instead of cleartext user and pass jirest auth user:password

  • Search for an issue jirest (issue) search

  • DONE Read issue jirest (issue) proj-5

  • DONE Open issue in browser jirest proj-5 open

  • DONE Create branch name from issue jirest proj-5 branch

  • Assign me to issue jirest proj-5 assignme

  • Add comment to issue jirest proj-5 comment 'lorem ipsum'

  • Search for a user jirest user search

  • Read user jirest user username