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Host Profile File System

This is a solution for concurrent logins with network
mounted home directory.

Example: Logging in concurrently to an RHEL5 and a SLES11 box
will result in a corrupted GNOME profile. To avoid deadlock, mysterious
failures and configuration conflicts, dotfile accesses are redirected
to system specific locations.

HPFS is a FUSE-based solution and is a filter file system that is mounted
over the user's home directory. The daemon itself is "dumb" and has no
policy. The redirection target directory is derived by the support
scripts. You get two scripts here -
* .bash_profile
* .xprofile

These two should be sufficient both for console and XDM/GDM/KDM logins.
These two scripts redirect to $HOME/profiles/$HOSTNAME.

A paper will be available soon.

Contact Info

Andrei Warkentin (,,