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Lightning Address

Like an email address, but for your Bitcoin.

General Information

The Lightning Address is an Internet Identifier that allows anyone to send you Bitcoin over the Lightning Network. No scanning of QR codes or pasting invoices necessary.

For more information check out the website:


If you are a developer aiming to introduce support for Lightning Addresses in your application, wallet, check the DIY section.

Bridge Servers

If you don't want to roll out an entire HTTP / LNURL server on your own setup/infrastructure, but already have a Lightning node you want to use for your Lightning Address? You can use a Bridge Server to ensure your Lightning Node can properly receive payments from your Lightning Address. Check the Bridge Server instructions for a plug-n-play solution.

Wallets Supported

Bitcoin Lightning wallets that support sending and receiving to Lightning Addresses.

Wallet Sending Receiving
Alby ☑️ ☑️
BitBanana ☑️ ----
Bitnob ☑️ ☑️
Blink (Bitcoin Beach Wallet) ☑️ ☑️
BitcoLi wallet ☑️ ☑️
Blixt ☑️ WIP
BlueWallet ☑️ ---- ---- ☑️
Bottlepay ☑️ ☑️
Breez ☑️ ----
BTCPay ☑️ ☑️
CoinCorner ☑️ ☑️
CoinKit ☑️ ☑️
coinos ☑️ ☑️
LifPay ☑️ ☑️
LNbits ☑️ WIP
@lntxbot ☑️ ☑️
@LightningTipBot ☑️ ☑️
Machankura ☑️ ☑️
Mash ---- ☑️
NOAH ☑️ ☑️
Oak Node ☑️ ----
Phoenix ☑️ ---- ☑️ ☑️
Satoshi Lightning ☑️ ☑️
SBW ☑️ ----
Spark Wallet ☑️ ☑️
Speed Wallet ☑️ ☑️
Stacker News ---- ☑️
Strike ☑️ ☑️
ThunderHub ☑️ ----
Voltpay App ☑️ ☑️
Wallet of Satoshi ☑️ ☑️
ZEBEDEE App (and Bots, and Extensions) ☑️ ☑️
Zeus ☑️ ----


Here's a quick primer on how Lightning Address works and how it relies on the LNURL Pay protocol.


All illustrative and informative diagrams are available under the DIAGRAMS folder.

Videos & Podcasts


Contributions are welcome, for both the website as well as the Lightning Address protocol itself. Please submit a PR here or on the core LNURL RFC repository.


If this project is important to you, consider donating to the contributors, creators, and developers pushing this initiative forward.

Lightning Address: /