A Django App that contains a Django Storage which uses Dropbox.
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Version 0.1.2


django-dropbox is a Django App that contains a Django Storage which uses Dropbox.


First of all

pip install django-dropbox

Add it to your Django Project

INSTALLED_APPS on settings.py


additionally you must need to set the next settings:


if you don't have DROPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN you can create one after creating a Dropbox app at Dropbox for Developers. If you have your Dropbox App key and App secret, you can set DROPBOX_CONSUMER_KEY and DROPBOX_CONSUMER_SECRET settings in settings.py, then run:

$ python manage.py get_dropbox_token

And follow up on screen instructions, finally set the and DROPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET in settings.py


When contributing, please follow these steps:

  • Clone the repo and make your changes.
  • Make sure your code has test cases written against it.
  • Make sure all the tests pass.
  • Lint your code with Flake8.
  • Add your name to the list of contributers.
  • Submit a Pull Request.


Tests are written following Django best practices. You can run them all easily using the example django_project.

$ cd django_dropbox_project
$ python manage.py test --settings=settings

To check the unit tests coverage you can:

$ pip install coverage
$ cd django_dropbox_project
$ coverage run manage.py test --settings=settings
$ coverage report -m