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Copyright 2012 Andres Riancho
This file is part of w3af, .
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it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation version 2 of the License.
w3af is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
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'TestCase': None,
# Audit
'Blind SQL injection vulnerability': 46,
'Buffer overflow vulnerability': None,
'Sensitive CORS methods enabled': None,
'Uncommon CORS methods enabled': None,
'Access-Control-Allow-Origin set to "*"': None,
'Insecure Access-Control-Allow-Origin with credentials': None,
'Insecure Access-Control-Allow-Origin': None,
'Incorrect withCredentials implementation': None,
'CSRF vulnerability': 13,
'Insecure DAV configuration': 52,
'Publicly writable directory': 23,
'DAV incorrect configuration': None,
'Insecure file upload': 65,
'Format string vulnerability': None,
'Insecure Frontpage extensions configuration': 69,
'Insecure redirection': 50,
'Misconfigured access control': 20,
'LDAP injection vulnerability': 30,
'Local file inclusion vulnerability': 17,
'File read error': 73,
'MX injection vulnerability': None,
'OS commanding vulnerability': 36,
'Phishing vector': 74,
'Unsafe preg_replace usage': None,
'ReDoS vulnerability': None,
'Response splitting vulnerability': 41,
'Remote code execution': 42,
'Remote file inclusion': 42,
'Potential remote file inclusion': 42,
'SQL injection': 45,
'Server side include vulnerability': None,
'Persistent server side include vulnerability': None,
'Insecure SSL version': 66,
'Self-signed SSL certificate': 67,
'Invalid SSL connection': None,
'Soon to expire SSL certificate': None,
'SSL Certificate dump': None,
'Secure content over insecure channel': None,
'XPATH injection vulnerability': 54,
'Persistent Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability': 70,
'Cross site scripting vulnerability': 55,
'Cross site tracing vulnerability': 63,
'Parameter modifies response headers': None,
'eval() input injection vulnerability': 6,
'Reflected File Download vulnerability': 71,
'Shell shock vulnerability': 68,
'Rosetta Flash': None,
'Memcache injection vulnerability': None,
# WebSockets
'Insecure WebSocket Origin filter': None,
'Open WebSocket': None,
'Origin restricted WebSocket': None,
'Websockets CSRF vulnerability': None,
# Crawl
'dwsync.xml file found': None,
'phpinfo() file found': None,
'PHP register_globals: On': None,
'PHP allow_url_fopen: On': None,
'PHP allow_url_include: On': None,
'PHP display_errors: On': None,
'PHP expose_php: On': None,
'PHP lowest_privilege_test:fail': None,
'PHP disable_functions:few': None,
'PHP curl_file_support:not_fixed': None,
'PHP cgi_force_redirect: Off': None,
'PHP session.cookie_httponly: Off': None,
'PHP session_save_path:Everyone': None,
'PHP session_use_trans: On': None,
'PHP default_charset: Off': None,
'PHP enable_dl: On': None,
'PHP memory_limit:high': None,
'PHP post_max_size:high': None,
'PHP upload_max_filesize:high': None,
'PHP upload_tmp_dir:Everyone': None,
'PHP file_uploads: On': None,
'PHP magic_quotes_gpc: On': None,
'PHP magic_quotes_gpc: Off': None,
'PHP open_basedir:disabled': None,
'PHP open_basedir:enabled': None,
'PHP session.hash_function:md5': None,
'PHP session.hash_function:sha': None,
'Insecure URL': 9,
'.listing file found': None,
'Operating system username and group leak': None,
'Google hack database match': None,
'Phishing scam': None,
'Source code repository': 14,
'Insecure RIA settings': None,
'Cross-domain allow ACL': None,
'Potential web backdoor': 2,
'Captcha image detected': 5,
'Oracle Application Server': None,
'Potentially interesting file': 4,
'urllist.txt file': None,
'Fingerprinted operating system': None,
'Identified installed application': None,
'robots.txt file': None,
'HTTP Content Negotiation enabled': None,
'Fingerprinted Wordpress version': None,
'Gears manifest resource': None,
'Invalid RIA settings file': None,
'Identified WordPress user': None,
'WordPress path disclosure': None,
'PHP register_globals: Off': None,
'PHP enable_dl: Off': None,
'Web user home directory': None,
# Grep
'US Social Security Number disclosure': 48,
'DOM Cross site scripting': 56,
'Parameter has SQL sentence': None,
'Uncommon query string parameter': None,
'Credit card number disclosure': 12,
'Code disclosure vulnerability': 44,
'Code disclosure vulnerability in 404 page': 44,
'Unhandled error in web application': 73,
'Basic HTTP credentials': None,
'Authentication without www-authenticate header': None,
'NTLM authentication': None,
'HTTP Basic authentication': 77,
'Cookie without HttpOnly': 22,
'Secure cookie over HTTP': None,
'Secure flag missing in HTTPS cookie': 25,
'Secure cookies over insecure channel': None,
'Identified cookie': None,
'Cookie': None,
'Invalid cookie': None,
'Click-Jacking vulnerability': 53,
'Private IP disclosure vulnerability': 40,
'Directory indexing': 15,
'Path disclosure vulnerability': None,
'Missing cache control for HTTPS content': 72,
'SVN user disclosure vulnerability': None,
'HTTP Request in HTTP body': None,
'HTTP Response in HTTP body': None,
'Auto-completable form': 38,
'Session ID in URL': None,
'WSDL resource': None,
'DISCO resource': None,
'Symfony Framework with CSRF protection disabled': None,
'Descriptive error page': 73,
'Error page with information disclosure': 73,
'Oracle application server': None,
'Strange header': None,
'Content-Location HTTP header anomaly': None,
'.NET Event Validation is disabled': None,
'.NET ViewState encryption is disabled': None,
'Email address disclosure': 16,
'Interesting HTML comment': None,
'HTML comment contains HTML code': None,
'Strange HTTP response code': 29,
'File upload form': 18,
'Interesting META tag': None,
'User defined regular expression match': None,
'Mark of the web': None,
'Cross-domain javascript source': None,
'Insecure X-XSS-Protection header usage': None,
'Browser plugin content': None,
'Strange HTTP Reason message': None,
'Hash string in HTML content': None,
'Blank http response body': None,
'Content feed resource': None,
'Malware identified': None,
'Insecure password submission over HTTP': 49,
'CSP vulnerability': None,
'Missing X-Content-Type-Options header': 76,
'Missing Strict Transport Security header': 19,
'HTML5 WebSocket detected': None,
'Insecure password form access over HTTP': 49,
# Infrastructure
'Potential XSS vulnerability': None,
'HTTP and HTTPs hop distance': None,
'HTTP traceroute': None,
'Apache Server version': None,
'Shared hosting': None,
'Virtual host identified': None,
'Previous defacements': None,
'Email account': None,
'Internal hostname in HTML link': None,
'Default virtual host': None,
'No DNS wildcard': None,
'DNS wildcard': None,
'Webserver fingerprint': None,
'Web Application Firewall fingerprint': None,
'FrontPage configuration information': None,
'Customized frontpage configuration': None,
'FrontPage FPAdminScriptUrl': None,
'Operating system': None,
'Favicon identification': None,
'Favicon identification failed': None,
'Transparent proxy detected': None,
'PHP Egg': None,
'Fingerprinted PHP version': None,
'Server header': None,
'Omitted server header': None,
'Powered-by header': None,
'Non existent methods default to GET': None,
'DAV methods enabled': None,
'Allowed HTTP methods': 1,
'Active filter detected': None,
'Reverse proxy identified': None,
'HTTP load balancer detected': None,
'Information disclosure via .NET errors': 73,
'Potential virtual host misconfiguration': None,
'MS15-034': None,
'JetLeak': None,
'Werkzeug debugger enabled': None,
# Bruteforce
'Guessable credentials': 75,
# Attack
'DAV Misconfiguration': 23,
'Arbitrary file upload': 65,
'OS Commanding code execution': 36,
'Code execution via remote file inclusion': 42,
'(Blind) SQL injection': 46,
'Arbitrary file read': 17,
'Eval() code execution': 6,
# Users can add their vulnerabilities
'Manually added vulnerability': None,
def is_valid_name(name):
return name in VULNS