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A simple, header-only, MIT-licensed C++ logging library.

Basic usage example:

    StdErrLogger log;
    LOG_WARN(log) << "Log message here" << std::endl;
    CHECK_EQUAL(log, 1 == 2) << "Some other message" << std::endl;
    CHECK_STREQ(log, "a", "a") << "Strings should be equal" << std::endl;

The layout of this library is based on Google's logging library (, but does not use any code copied from that project.

Thanks to GitHub's fakechris, there is experimental support for logging to a Scribe node (see: for more information).  It requires Apache Thrift (  To use it, #define CPPLOG_WITH_SCRIBE_LOGGER

NOTE: Tests are relatively complete, but not exhaustive.  Please use at your own risk, and feel free to submit bug reports.

Thanks to (in alphabetical order):
  - fakechris [GitHub]
  - Kranar [Reddit]
  - olajep [GitHub]
  - vvavrychuk [GitHub]
  - z00m1n [GitHub]