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  • Install Proxy for Google by Nginx.
  • This project originated from only be accessed by typing the domain).
1.Forbid popular spiders like Google、Baidu;
2.Forbid any illegal referer;
3.Limit frequency of the same IP at 10 times in 1 second;
4.Can only access this site by typing the domian or using bookmarks;
5.If pages show "403 Forbid",try to delete "cookies" in your browser;
And more is to be discovered.

Important Instruction

  • Initial configure does not require SSL/HTTPS.This means you can only access your web by HTTP in the beginning.By the way,you can deploy your SSL/HTTPS upon this project.
  • Configure document is "/etc/nginx/nginx.conf".
  • Start nginx by using "/etc/nginx/sbin/nginx" / ("/etc/nginx/sbin/nginx -s reload") / ("/etc/nginx/sbin/nginx -s stop").
  • You can edit "nginx.conf" by yourself such as "Backend for".

Things you should do before your deployment

  • You should run this project by ROOT user.
  • Prepare 2 domains/subdomains for "Google Search" and "Google Scholar".


For Debain/Ubuntu/Centos

Depend on Projects