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A vscode extension to run system commands.
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package-lock.json Initial implementation. Mar 15, 2019


This extension allows you to use system commands to manipulate text you are editing.

It is useful to run simple formatters, text replacement scripts, text insertion and more. You are only limited by your creativity, see the demo video for ideas.

The project is named after the acme text editor from the plan9 operating system.


youtube video


This extension works best with keybindings, though the commands can be run via the the 'ctrl+shift+p' menu.

To add a keybinding, the following line to your keybindings.json file (File>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts):

	"key": "ctrl+enter",
	"command": "acmeish.runCommand"
	"key": "ctrl+alt+enter",
	"command": "acmeish.captureCommand"

To capture a command select the text or move the cursor to a text line and run acmeish.captureCommand.

To run a command run acmeish.runCommand or click the command entry in the status bar.

To send input to your command, prepend the captured command with '|' e.g. | sort, then select text before running acmeish.runCommand.

All commands must complete within 10 seconds or are aborted, they must also exit with a 0 exit code.


pzmarzly - First! Keep up the good work

... YOU - Your message.


This command took time and effort to make, please sponsor the project via this paypal donation link.

Add a name + message shorter than 70 characters total to your donation it will be added to the sponsor section. Note that sponsor messages may be rejected at the project authors judgement.


Andrew Chambers

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