Firebug/Dev Tools-like DOM outline implementation using jQuery.
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Dom Outline

Firebug/Dev Tools-like DOM outline implementation using jQuery.

Example Usage

var myExampleClickHandler = function (element) { console.log('Clicked element:', element); }
var myDomOutline = DomOutline({ onClick: myExampleClickHandler, filter: 'div' });

// Start outline:

// Stop outline (also stopped on escape/backspace/delete keys):


Option Description Default
borderWidth The width of the outline border, in pixels. 2
onClick The function fired when the user clicks while the DOM outline is active. Receives the target element as an argument. false
namespace The private namespace used for CSS selectors and events. Available in the unlikely event of possible event/CSS collisions. 'DomOutline'
filter A selector that an element should match in order to be outlined and clicked. By default no filter is applied. false

Other Notes

  • Tested to work in Chrome, FF, Safari. Buggy in IE ;(
  • Creates a single global variable: window.DomOutline