South 2: Backported django.db.migrations for older Django versions
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South 2

This is the repository for South 2, the backport of Django's migrations code into a separate installable package for Django 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6.

It requires Python 2.6 or newer.

This code is incomplete and will not work. Do not use this yet.

How it works

Most of the code here is automatically pulled from the main Django development tree and run through some light translation to get it to import from south paths.

Then, a series of monkeypatches are applied to Django to give it just enough of 1.7's features to get the code to run. This is a slightly ridiculous way of doing things, but it saves porting over a lot of code to only have minor changes, and means updates to migrations can be pulled from Django directly and don't have to be written a second time for South 2.


South 2 is not intended as a long term measure; it's just here so that everyone can start using new-style migrations (including third-party libraries shipping them) before they've upgraded to 1.7 or above.

It will be kept in sync with Django as long as possible, but will not gain any major new features and may be slightly more unstable than the native migration support in 1.7 and above. It's recommended that, as a Django user, if you're running with South 2 you plan for an eventual upgrade to Django 1.7 or above.