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This project is an effort to provide a simple yet usable map of the NSW RFS Current Fires and Incidents.

History / Motivation

The initial prototype of this was conceived, designed and built during the October 17th 2013 bushfires around Sydney.

I, like many other people, was keeping a close eye on the Current Fires and Incidents map on the RFS web site to gather vital information about where fires were so I could plan which areas to avoid.

I was frustrated by the tiny map offered on the RFS web site and the poor usability of the map component. Clicking each marker gave you a popup which filled the whole map window making it very hard to close again and pan around.

So I set off and quickly hacked together the basics to take the data from their map and place it on a full screen Leaflet powered map. Currently goes nowhere, so I built the website I expected to get by going to such address.

This is a very simple almost textbook use of Leaflet and I'm very pleased with how easy it actually was to get working.


There are many potential avenues for further development. Including,

  • Popup on mouse hover
  • Subscribe to updates within an area
  • Stats/overview of current fires
  • Historical data display


All files within this repository are licensed by the author, Andrew as follows.

To the extent possible under law, the person who associated CC0
with this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring
rights to this work.


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