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React component generator

A VS Code extension for generating new React component files with the following structure:

  • StartingComponent
    • /components
      • index.ts
      • /NewComponent
        • index.ts
        • NewComponent.tsx
        • NewComponent.stories.tsx (optional)
        • /tests
          • NewComponent.test.tsx


Right click in the file editor or on a file in the explorer and click Generate React component to scaffold out a new React component with all the files you need.

Screen Shot of the contextual file explorer menu featuring items added by the extension

Right click in the file editor or on a file in the explorer and click Generate Storybook stories file to add a stories file to an existing component.


  • Language - Specifies if components should be generated in TypeScript or JavaScript.
  • Styles Language - Specifies what language will be used for styles.
  • Create Stories File - Specifies if a stories file should be generated with the component.
  • Use Index File - Specifies if the components folder should have an index file to export all of its components. Does not add or update the index file at app/components/index
  • Import React - Specifies if React should be imported in generated components and stories. The React import is not needed if your app is using the new JSX Transform.


  1. Clone the repository with git clone
  2. Install dependencies by running yarn in the project folder
  3. With extension source open in VS Code, press F5 to open a new VS Code window with the extension running. F5 runs the code in .vscode/launch.json.
  4. The extension code starts in src/extension.ts.
  5. Check out the VS Code API documentation for more info about buinding extensions.

This extension was scaffolded with Yeoman. Feel free to fork and tweak to your liking!