A proof-of-concept project to get an iOS share extension target working with a React Native UI
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React Native Share Extension Proof of Concept

This is an example project in a tinkering attempt to get an iOS Share Extension UI to include a React Native UI. The attempt was inspired by facebook/react-native#1626 .

Running the iOS app

open ios/ShareExtensionExample.xcodeproj
# hit the Run button

Running the app's iOS share extension

  1. Select the ShareExtension scheme in Xcode
  • Tell Xcode to run within Safari
  • Click the Share button in the iOS simulator's Safari.app
  • Select the ShareExtension icon to bring up the share extension UI

Known Gotchas

If you're having any issues getting React Native to actually run in your share extension, make sure your extension's target includes the -ObjC linker flag ([Other Linker Flags in Xcode's Build Settings GUI][ss]).

StackOverflow answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/34099070