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This repo was never meant to be public, I just happened to throw code together in a span of a day to have something fun. Unfortunately, the code quality is terrible and not fit for open source contributions.

I highly recommend checking out one of these alternatives:

Open source alternatives

Hosted alternatives


Slack Bot for Ping Pong tracking.

Build Status

Deploy to Heroku


Deploy with your preferred solution, eg. with Heroku.

Administrative commands require the ADMIN_SECRET environment to be set.

heroku config:add ADMIN_SECRET=secret

Visit and choose "Outgoing WebHooks." Choose which channels you would like pongbot active in, a trigger word with pongbot, and the url that you deployed to.

Using Pongbot from Slack

Make sure you're registered with pongbot.

pongbot register

Challenge someone, or a team.


pongbot challenge singles <opponent's name>


pongbot challenge doubles <teammate's name> against <opponent_1> <opponent_2>

Let them run this, to accept the challenge. Only one other person (teammate or opponent) needs to accept to confirm the challenge.

pongbot accept

If you can't play now, pongbot decline.

Game On!

Record the match. Only the person/team that lost can record, it'll automatically change everyone's scores/rankings.

pongbot lost

Other Commands

  • pongbot decline - Decline's any proposed match.
  • pongbot chicken - Chicken out of your own challenge before it is accepted, or out of an accepted challenge (as the challenger or challenged).
  • pongbot leaderboard <1-infinity> - Shows the top players, sorted by Elo.
  • pongbot rank <someone's name> - Gets that person's stats. If none given, it will return your own stats.
  • pongbot source - Get's Pongbot's Github repository.
  • pongbot reset <name> <secret> - Admin-only command that reset's a person's stats.
  • pongbot new_season <secret> - Admin-only command that reset's all stats and begins a new season.


See API Documentation.

License & Copyright

Copyright (c) 2014-2015, Andrew Vy and Contributors

ISC License, see LICENSE for details.


💻 [DEPRECATED] Node.js Slack Bot for ping pong tracking.



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