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MATLAB Seismic Anisotropy Toolkit
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MSAT Readme

This directory contains the MATLAB source and support files for 
the MATLAB Seismic Anisotropy Toolkit (MSAT). To install and use
the toolkit, follow the instructions below.

License and copyright

MSAT is distributed under the terms of a 3-clause BSD style license. This
means you can redistribute the toolkit as long as you follow three simple
rules outlined near the top of each Matlab source file.  Copyright remains 
with the authors, James Wookey and Andrew Walker with other copyright 
holders named in individual source files. 


Once you have uncompressed the distributed tar file installation is completed
by telling Matlab where to find the source code and documentation. Start up 
Matlab and use the "Set Path..." option from the File menu to open the path 
setting dialogue. Use the "Add Folder..." button to open a file browser, 
navigate the msat subdirectory (of the directory containing this file), 
select it and choose "open". This adds the MSAT functions and documentation 
to your path. Choose "Save" to make this change permanent.  


Once MSAT has been installed documentation on all functions can be found by 
typing "help MS_funcname" at the Matlab command prompt. Documentation can 
also be found using the Matlab help browser and clicking on the MSAT Toolbox 
section of the contents page.

Further help

For additional assistance contact the authors, James Wookey 
<> and Andrew Walker <>.

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