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Universal VFO with Si5351 or/and Si570
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Universal Si570/Si5351 VFO

Oscillator - Si570 and/or Si5351
CPU - Arduino Nano 5v ATMEGA328
2.8" SPI TFT ILI9341
1.8" SPI TFT ST7735
LCD 1602
Clock & EEPROM - TinyRTC or AT24C32
Keyboard, BPF & other - PCF8574
Rotary encoder - optical 360-400 pulse/turn preffered

Working with single Si570/Si5351 or with dual Si570+Si5351.
Save current freq and band to EEPROM.
CAT-enabled (Kenwood protocol).

Support different TRX architecture:

  1. Single and double IF superheterodyne.
  2. Up-conversion with general coverage 2-30MHz and high IF.
  3. Direct conversion with 2x or 4x output.
  4. Direct conversion with quadrature output.

Project homepage

Required libraries:

  1. PDQ GFX with packed font support You need install PDQ_GFX and PDQ_ILI9341

Copyright (c) 2016-2018, Andrii Bilokon, UR5FFR License GNU GPL, see license.txt for more information

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