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LESS to Stylus source to source convertor capable of translating Bootstrap

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LESS to Stylus converter

Convert LESS to Stylus by parsing LESS sources and traversing resulting AST.


% npm install -g less2stylus


% less2stylus styles.less > styles.styl

Bootstrap translation

Bootstrap 3.0 can be translated as-is.


  • every mixin with no params or all params having default values will have corresponding class generated, so

    .some-mixin() {

    results in

  • call to a mixin with no params will result in an @extend of corresponding class, so

    body {

    results in

      @extend .some-mixin
  • @media directives which use variables to specify a condition on which rules apply will translate into an additional variable declaration which holds @media condition. This is because of Stylus limitation not to allow variables inside @media conditions.

    @media screen and (min-width: tablet) {

    results in

    var213123edf25df1a = "screen and (min-width: " + tablet + ")"
    @media var213123edf25df1a
  • if there are mixins which named translate, translate3d, scale, skew, rotate then they will be prefixed with mixin- in resulted Stylus sources. This is to prevent recursive mixin invokations.

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