Encode/decode strings with node-iconv and iconv-lite
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encoding is a simple wrapper around node-iconv and iconv-lite to convert strings from one encoding to another. If node-iconv is not available for some reason, iconv-lite will be used instead of it as a fallback.

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Install through npm

npm install encoding


Require the module

var encoding = require("encoding");

Convert with encoding.convert()

var resultBuffer = encoding.convert(text, toCharset, fromCharset);


  • text is either a Buffer or a String to be converted
  • toCharset is the characterset to convert the string
  • fromCharset (optional, defaults to UTF-8) is the source charset

Output of the conversion is always a Buffer object.


var result = encoding.convert("ÕÄÖÜ", "Latin_1");
console.log(result); //<Buffer d5 c4 d6 dc>

iconv support

By default only iconv-lite is bundled. If you need node-iconv support, you need to add it as an additional dependency for your project:

    "encoding": "*",
    "iconv": "*"