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Tram Hunter is an Android client for Yarra Trams TramTracker web service
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Tram Hunter

Tram Hunter is an Android client for Yarra Trams tramTRACKER® Web Service for real-time information about Melbourne's tram network.

For Terms of Use of the tramTRACKER® Web Service, see:

This application is provided with no warranty, and is licensed under GPL v3.


Tram Hunter aims to be as quick and clean as possible for getting to the data you want.

The main features of Tram Hunter are:

  • Browse or search for stops
  • Favorite stops for quick reference
  • Find nearby stops by Android location services
  • Tram icons representing the approaching tram model
  • See tram stops on a map
  • Network map
  • Yarra Trams twitter feed for latest tram network issues (Broken for now)


Tram Hunter is available from Google Play, but you can find development build from downloads section of the GitHub project.


The latest code can be found from the GitHub project site.

To build in Eclipse, just check out this code and import the android/TramHunter folder as an Existing Project.

Tram Hunter requires the excellent ActionBarSherlock library for supporting the Android Action Bar on pre-ICS devices. See for more information.


Please report any bugs or feature requests in the Issue Tracker

If you experience any Force Close or other issues, the best thing you can do is to send a copy of your log just after the crash. Install Log Collector from Google Play and email it to


Change Log

Latest Changes in v1.4

  • Remove annoying special event popup!
  • Updated Stops DB (includes new Route 12)
  • Add support for new Tram Tracker JSON API (will replace the old SOAP API soon)
  • Removed anonymous stats

Latest Changes in v1.3

  • Updated Stops DB
  • Removed broken Twitter feed due to Twitter API changes
  • Tram quotes return!

Latest Changes in v1.2

  • Updated Stops DB
  • Much improved location handling
  • Refresh stop times automatically when app resumed

Latest Changes in v1.1

  • Add screen for showing upcoming stops! Click a departure to show list.
  • Open correct settings screen for adjusting location settings
  • Handle devices without Google Maps installed

Latest Changes in v1.0

  • New 'Action Bar' style and support for ICS
  • Require at least Android 2.1
  • Yarra Trams twitter feed for home screen
  • Much improved 'Network Map' (Doesn't crash!)
  • Reminder notification for approaching tram (Thanks to Tarcio Saraiva)
  • Updated Stop database (fix some stops that would always give errors)
  • Fix for trams with missing tram icons
  • Performance improvements
  • Better error messages from Tram Tracker web service

Latest Changes in v0.9

  • Allow renaming of favourite stops
  • Added route selector for stops with >1 route
  • Can now favourite a stop for a specific route
  • Updated stops database
  • Nearby stops fix for stale locations
  • New tram network map
  • Minor fix for stops with a 'Special Event'
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